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One moment can change you and your family's life forever......Think before you text while driving. ...... it can wait, is it worth a life.......? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT ? !


“Our goal is to make the public aware of the dangers of texting and driving. We are committed to informing the public daily of the possible legal and physical (body and property) ramifications that are involved with this practice. Our “Remind You” campaign is designed to… reduce accidents simply by making the public aware of these dangers.”

We conduct fundraising drives in order to fund our efforts of informing the general public about the dangers of texting and driving. We have produced videos, informative print ads and infomercials to use in this endeavor. As well, we are in the midst of placing “Signs to remind you” on the roads, in our schools and in the work place.

What are you looking at?

Bus driver caught texting while driving

Student ordered by judge to speak to other students

Channel 7 distracted driving report

Texting Awareness Foundation is the official Kia Big 3 Partner to Save Lives

Click on Radio Logo and Take the Pledge with Kia Big 3 Don’t Text and Drive

Great Kite Flight, bringing awareness to the dangers of

By attempting to break the world record for most kites flying simultaneously, 12,350.

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